“Journey within” Wellness Retreat with Shallu Annand :
1st – 5th May 2018

At Hotel Eaglesnest, Dharamkot, Dharamsala, H.P

There are days when we want to leave aside our pretentious mask, which we show up to the world, and just be what we are.

“Journey within” retreat is an opportunity to nourish body,mind and soul with magnificent energy of Himalaya and rediscovering the joy of  “Just being” !

The majestic Himalaya is a symbol of strength, trust and magnanimity. Anybody who has been to the Himalayas can vouch for the serenity and healing power of Himalaya!

We will walk together on a journey called life…Connecting with heart, opening to self love and reconnecting with the source within! – Shallu Annand

shallu annandRetreat highlights:

  • Day 1 : Opening to self love
  • Day 2 : Opening to heart and art of relating
  • Day 3 : Art of Connecting and witnessing
  • Day 4: Sammasati-Art of conscious dying
  • Day 5: Meditation-An art of ecstasy
  • Day 6: Sharing circle

Session Highlights:

  • Yoga/Meditation sessions
  • Integrated Healing Therapies
  • Social Meditations
  • Self-hypnosis for healing and relaxation
  • Nature Walk
  • Healthy meals


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